Machine Tool Storage

Organized, Secure Storage of Tools and Bits

Hänel Storage Systems are designed to increase floor space, accuracy, security, productivity and ergonomics…All in a single vertical storage unit!

The Hänel Lean-Lift is designed to free up at least 60% of valuable floor space by utilizing the unused space overhead. The unit stores inventory in a series of pans that are automatically measured for height and then placed in the ideal storage location. This eliminates wasted space and maximizes the space within the lift at all times.

The industrial Rotomat vertical carousel is tough enough to be installed right on the shop floor, saving time and reducing fatigue. Walking through long rows of racking to search for tools, continually stooping or climbing ladders, and carrying heavy parts over long distances can take their toll on the human body. The ergonomically-correct access point on the Rotomat is designed to prevent potential health-related issues. The Rotomat is strong enough to store anything from small bits to heavy dies, and the carriers can be equipped with shelves, drawers or doors to allow a variety of sizes and shapes to be stored within one carousel.

Both units offer inventory management programs that are intelligent software suites that manage storage locations, article, tools, stocks and orders, and can be tailored to meet each customer’s needs.


Who is using Hänel units for Tool Storage?

TAM International boosted its inventory accuracy to 100%

TAM International provides downhole products and services to the oil and gas industry, such as packers that safely and reliably seal oil wells. The company operates five Hänel Lean-Lifts at its headquarters in Houston, TX. Four of these lifts are used in conjunction with suspended cranes that can carry payloads of up to 2204 pounds per container. The cranes are used with fold-down support rails on the Lean-Lifts themselves, making the handling of extremely heavy loads easier and safer.

The central software system houses all inventory and storage position data, which speeds up order identification and processing time. Only authorized employees can access the system with their ID card, ensuring that all put-and-pick operations can be tracked based on the operator’s personal data. TAM also utilizes Hänel PictureControl, with uses two cameras integrated in the access point to provide a clear picture of all items stored in each container.

Another Lean-Lift serves as a central tool depot, and has a specific container storing tools for each of the company’s production machines. This keeps the tools protected from damage, since only authorized users are allowed to retrieve and return tools.

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