Automotive Parts Storage

60% Increase in Automotive Parts Storage Space

Auto Parts StorageThe Hänel Rotomat® and Lean-Lift® are economical storage solutions that store parts in a vertical position. Storing automotive parts in a vertical storage space maximizes storage capacity and consumes a minimal footprint.  Vertical storage units are a cost-effective storage solution that utilizes the entire storage space more efficiently than a horizontal storage unit. Hänel custom-builds these storage systems to optimally fit in your facility. Many Hänel Storage Systems customers benefit by designing much smaller parts departments and utilizing the space savings to add more service bays, retail displays, new offices or eliminate off-site storage.

Hänel solutions are used by countless companies across the globe who need a space saving storage solution aimed at decreasing their warehousing and material handling costs. Hänel also offers customized storage solutions with special features to increase the efficiency of the Hänel Lean-Lift® or Rotomat®.

Parts Storage and Inventory Control

The Hänel Lean-Lift® and Rotomat® are more than just storage systems…They also allow accurate inventory control through a data integration system. Our storage solutions can integrate with your company’s existing data management system to ensure a faster installation and integration time. This constant inventory monitoring and control will help you increase your company’s overall productivity and decrease errors made in inventory tracking.

To better serve our Automotive Customers, Hänel Storage Systems invests in partnerships with leading dealer management systems:

CDK Software Partner
Procede Software Partner
RCI Interface Partner
We recently upgraded our MP-Link automotive inventory software better integrate with these DMS providers — A feature that helps car, truck and motorcycle dealership to improve the productivity and accuracy of their parts departments.

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Who is Using Hänel for Parts Storage?

#1 Cochran Automotive, PA – Automotive Parts at the Push of a Button

Car Dealership Parts StorageIn 2011 and 2012, Cochran completely renovated its Buick/GMC dealership in Robinson Township, Pennsylvania. The goal was to improve efficiency and the appearance of the dealership to make the customer experience more appealing.

For better utilization of space in the building, Cochran decided to install a Hänel Lean-Lift®. The Lean-Lift® was integrated in the existing structure so that no building modifications were necessary. The result speaks for itself!

The parts and service area is now a bright, neat and convenient workplace. Customers are served quickly and efficiently at separate sales counters. Another counter provides the parts needed in the service center.

Most of the parts in stock are available at the push of a button. Climbing steps and lengthy searches to retrieve parts are things of the past.  More and more car dealerships in the United States are profiting from Hänel solutions!

Mercedes-Benz – Inventory Management & Efficiency 

Porsche, Germany – Reduced storage floor space by 75%

Automotive Parts Storage SystemStorage floor space can be reduced by up to 75% – not to mention faster provisioning of parts and tools – and that makes Hänel lift systems a wise investment
Porsche-Zentrum Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen, Germany. Efficient spare parts storage in the service department at the Porsche Center Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen.

Direct reception of cars, computer diagnostics and automation have increased the productivity of automotive service centers over the years. However, keeping an ample supply of spare parts on hand still requires considerable space. This is where Hänel systems offer decisive advantages!

The Hänel Lean-Lift® neatly stores large numbers of parts within a small footprint thanks to its vertical design concept.  Valuable time is saved When a vehicle is scheduled for service, the shop manager can check the inventory to see if all the items required for service or repairs are in stock. These items can be picked and sorted in advance to save time otherwise spent waiting for parts delivery.

Even large components like engine blocks, transmissions or catalytic converters can be stored in the Lean-Lift®. There is no need to transport such components from so-called ‘external warehouses’ that are not nearby. This considerably increases the throughput of vehicles serviced each day.


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